[Schplock goes English] How to pronounce German ö and ü

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  1. azizk sagt:

    nice post

  2. kreetrapper sagt:

    Very nice, indeed. I can already see myself linking to this in the future.

  3. […] Als Einstieg für DaF- und DaZler empfehlen sich zum Beispiel der englischsprachige Artikel “How to pronounce German ö and ü” oder diese Artikelserie zum ch. Wer in der Schweiz lebt und schon Kontakt mit Bernern hatte, […]

  4. Shaun sagt:

    Thanks a lot! Danke shön! I didn’t think pronouncing these could be explained over text but you did a very good job

  5. Jacques sagt:

    Very nice page. You hit all the technical spots and mentioned even the history as well as gathered good examples. I am only curious are you a linguist by academic background or is this merely a hobby for you?

    • Kristin sagt:

      Hi Jacques, thanks a lot, I’m glad you liked it!
      To satisfy your curiosity: I am a PhD student specializing in historical linguistics of German.

  6. Rebecca Hinton sagt:

    This material makes the sounds of German clearer than „Das Alphabet“ in the book.

  7. If it’s not a secret – where have you taken those images from? I will need to use similar ones in coming article and do not want to still anybody’s intellectual property… Can I use yours with small adjustments?

    • Kristin sagt:

      I made the pictures (except for the WALS one) myself on the basis of this picture, they are therefore under CC BY-SA 3.0, meaning you may use and/or alter them as long as you name the sources. (I seem to have forgotten this here, I’ll edit it right away.)

  8. Burlupar sagt:

    Traumhaft der Post, ich hätte das Ganze nicht halb so gut erklären können! Hatte auch viele Aha-Erlebnisse beim Lesen, da ich selbst noch nicht Sprachwissenschaft studiere.

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